Five Reasons to Become a Vendor at Magical Winter Lights

Have you always been on the lookout for large festivals to participate in and market your unique cuisine and retail business? Well, the 2015 Magical Winter Lights Festival is a perfect opportunity you shouldn’t miss out on. The 52-day family-friendly festival during this year’s holiday season aims to capture the largest holiday crowd including Houstonians of all ages. Hear our five reasons why becoming a vendor at the 2015 Magical Winter Lights is worth your time and investment.


Reason #1: New Customers



The  2015 Magical Winter Lights is expected to have 300,000 to 400,000 with a daily average of 5,000 – 6,000 visitors from all over the Houston metroplex during the holiday season. We have a designated vendor/expo area of more than 100,000 square feet to accommodate vendors and exhibitors including food trucks, local restaurants and small businesses. For example, if you sign up to be at our event for 10 continuous days, you could potentially have close to 50,000 to 60,000 people trying out your products, collect more than 50,000 organic email addresses for future marketing, and have festival goers directly sign up for your services on-site. Besides, people are in happy holiday spirits. Why not be there for them when they are in a good mood to buy and learn about you?


Reason #2: Location, Location, Location



The 2015 Magical Winter Lights is taking place at the Sam Houston Race Park conveniently located in northwest Houston right off the Sam Houston Tollway, neighboring Champions, Jersey Village and Cypress and in between the Woodlands and Katy. It is 15 minutes from downtown Houston and 20 minutes from Sugar Land. As a well-known destination to Houstonians, the race park is frequently used as a concert and event venue when races aren’t being held. Popular events like the ZiegenBock Music Festival and Cirque du Soleil have been held at the race park each year. It is safe to say most Houstonians have been to the race park at least once.

Sam Houston Race Park


Reason #3: Be Seen


zigong-lantern-fesitval copy


The 2015 Magical Winter Lights Festival will be the largest lantern festival brought to the United States and also the largest holiday light festival in Houston. As a highly visual festival, the media will for sure set its eye on the festival for many holiday news stories. People Generation, which is producing MWL, will make the best efforts to obtain as much earned media and PR throughout the entire festival. Your unique business and products could in itself become an interesting news story. So, be a part of our story!


Reason #4: Culture


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Show off your interest in all different cultures by becoming a vendor at this event. Reach new customers that have never had the opportunity to try your food. The Magical Winter Lights festival will display lanterns from Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia and America. Whether the St. Petersburg Church attracts Russian-Americans, or the Sydney Opera House highlights Australia, there is something for everyone. These hand crafted lights will even make Houstonians feel at home with displays dedicated to the local sports teams, the Rockets and the Texans. The festival will highlight something relevant to almost everyone, and as a result, will attract a huge audience from diverse cultural backgrounds. There’s even something for the kids: our “Animal Kingdom” light displays showcase life-sized animals, similar to the life-sized lion Katy Perry road in her opening Super Bowl song.


Reason #5: Happy Holidays




Celebrate the holidays with Houstonians from all around the city. This family-friendly environment is the perfect opportunity to establish new long-term relationships with customers throughout the metroplex. Moms, dads, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents will be on the look out for this year’s best holiday gift and stocking stuffers. Help us spread the holiday cheer to families who are looking for unique holiday gift ideas, and you could end up as a favorite stocking stuffer of the holiday season. Place your brand in the Houstonians’ minds while also improving your bottom line.


Become a Vendor!


This 2015 Magical Winter Lights is the perfect opportunity to reach thousands of potential new customers, and interact with them on a personal level. The 52-day event gives you the entire holiday season to reach families from all over Houston and the surrounding neighborhoods. Interested? Contact us.