Three Reasons to Become a Sponsor at 2015 Magical Winter Lights

Corporate sponsors seem to be everywhere in today’s world. Take the NBA, for example. Hard to imagine what the basketball arena would look like without those ubiquitous banners touting sportswear brands and consumer  companies. According to Trevor Hartland, writing in the International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship, “…sponsorship reached an all-time high of $26.2 billion in 2003” (Inc.).

“You’re helping a company market itself. They can’t buy prime-time advertising for $10,000.” — Linda Hollander

This year is the first annual Magical Winter Lights, and we are offering a unique opportunity to sponsors to be a part of this innovative and special experience from the very beginning. On display from November 20, 2015 to January 10, 2016, this 52-day event will attract hundreds of thousands of families from all over the Houston metropolitan area. Here are the top 3 reasons why becoming a sponsor of Magical Winter Lights will help amplify  your brand recognition:

2015 magical winter lights houston lantern festival and holiday celebration


Reason #1: You’ll reach your target market & increase sales


Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States and by far one of the most diverse. Sponsoring cultural events can be especially effective as a marketing tool because it can be a means of accessing a wide range of audiences from various backgrounds. Though Magical Winter Lights is a holiday light show with roots from China, this large cultural event offers something for people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Sponsorship is a great addition to your marketing plan because it provides opportunities to gauge customer response to products immediately. By sponsoring MWL, you’ll have the option to obtain a booth that will allow you to demonstrate and explain your products/services to festivalgoers firsthand – a method that historically has proven to increase sales. Associate your brand with the largest lantern festival in the US and see your sales profit increase!

Reason #2: You’ll amplify brand recognition


One of the most unique sponsorship opportunities at Magical Winter Lights is to have your logo strategically placed on a lantern set. Sponsors of the 2015 Magical Winter Lights have a unique opportunity to include their logo as a part of a single lantern set for the 52-day long festival.

2015 magical winter lights houston lantern festival

The duration of MWL ensures continuous exposure of your brand. We can place your logo on large, medium or small lantern sets, making it an integral part of the artistic design of the chosen lantern set while maximizing your brand exposure. Traditional sponsorship benefits usually include logo placement on all marketing collateral, but when was the last time your logo was placed on the main attraction? Sponsor Magical Winter Lights and amplify your brand!

DOWNLOAD: 2015 Magical Winter Lights Sponsorship Brochure


Reason #3: Increase traditional and new media exposure


Increased publicity through the media is another reason to sponsor events. Since Magical Winter Lights will be one of the largest holiday light festivals in Houston and the largest lantern festival in the United States, media coverage will be inevitable. By sponsoring MWL, your brand will be right there to share the media exposure. To kick off the first annual Magical Winter Lights, Houston public figures, local celebrities, and members of the media will be present at the VIP Opening Day Party on November 20, 2015. This custom opportunity allows 10 sponsors the opportunity to be a part of this celebration and enjoy the exclusive media exposure by having their logo strategically placed on the press conference background and more.

2015 magical winter lights houston lantern festival

MWL sponsors will get the chance to not only feature their brand in all our various forms of digital media, but also our print ads, TV commercials, featured radio spots, outdoor billboards and other promotional signage.

Sponsor’s logo or business name will be mentioned in all forms of traditional media advertisement.

The Takeaway


Magical Winter Lights is the ideal way to bring recognition to your brand during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  Partner with us, and explore the wide array of unique business-to-consumer opportunities that we offer. For further information on becoming a sponsor at Magical Winter Lights, please visit our Sponsor page by clicking here, and download the Sponsorship Brochure. We look forward to growing together with you!