Let’s Travel to Zigong

Zigong is where the very first pieces of our lanterns were designed and created, and also the place where all of our Magical Winter Lights lantern artists are from. As the “Lantern Town in the South Kingdom”,  Zigong is not only the originator, but also home of lantern festivals in China. Every year after the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) is over, tourists from around China come to Zigong to experience the festivals. Lantern festivals  has made their way to the United States to introduce a unique part of traditional Chinese culture to the American audience. That is why we had the first Magical Winter Lights in Houston, TX!MWL

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There are more to the beautiful city of Zigong than lantern festivals. Not too long ago, we shared reasons why Magical Winter Lights had a “Dinosaur Land” section. Dinosaur fossils were discovered in Zigong approximately one hundred years ago. The city embraced its rich archeological history and  incorporated dinosaurs in lantern festivals to highlight the artistic culture of Zigong. Did we forget to mention that in 1987,  the first dinosaur museum (ever!) in Asia and the third largest in the world called Zigong Dinosaur Museum was built in Zigong dedicated to this historical fact?

(Source: www.cits.net)

Dinosaurs and lanterns aren’t the only fascinating facts about Zigong. Zigong is a city of Sichuan Province in southwest China with the approximate population of 3.2 million. Interestingly, Zigong is also called the “Salt” city, as salt industry has been playing a significant part in Zigong’s economic development for nearly 2,000 years. In ancient times, salt trading was popular and very profitable in China because people believed it was the “energy for body.” Some even said, without salt, there wouldn’t be Zigong. Salt demand was increased across Sichuan province. In 1939, the two big salt-producing players, Ziliujing and Gongjing districts, were then combined and formed the city of Zigong. Salt was also a part of Zigong’ culture and people’s daily life. Zigong Salt Museum was constructed in 1736 to showcase the salt history and its technological improvement.

Zigong Salt Museum
(Source: www.zgshm.cn)

So by now, you already know about the “Three Charms” of Zigong: Lanterns, dinosaur, and salt. Although they are not directly related,  they have each contributed to the beauty and history of Zigong. Nowadays, technology improvements have opened a gateway for the world to be connected. We are proud to be able to represent not only an interesting part of Zigong’s charms but also different landmarks of cultures and nations at Magical Winter Lights.  

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