2016 Golf Sponsor Summary: Life Storage

On behalf of People Generation and Magical Winter Lights, we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to our sponsors that contributed to MWL 2016’s success. Without their generous support, MWL 2016 would have not been possible – we thank you!


As the official 2016 Magical Winter Lights Golf Sponsor, Life Storage positioned its brand through various marketing opportunities – such as strategically placed logos on the official event staff golf carts to create brand awareness and name recognition. Details about partnership are below – PDF version here.


MWL 2016 Reach

“My experience with Magical Winter Lights was great—the communication and updates were much appreciated and better than most sponsorship relationships that we have[…]The festival seems to be very well attended and our activation in that proved to be beneficial.”

– Brianna, Marketing Coordinator for Life Storage


Partnership Overview

  • Golf Cart Grant awarded to Magical Winter Lights from Life Storage
    • Life Storage’s logo was placed on all event staff golf carts and was used for the entire 52 days of the festival

Image of the Life Storage Golf Carts

  • Life Storage was exclusively mentioned in select Magical Winter Lights radio ads
  • Life Storage was highlighted on MWL’s online platforms –  website, blog, social media, and press releases
    • On behalf of Life Storage, MWL’s marketing team implemented 3 contest giveaways on MWL’s official Facebook and Instagram account.
    • The 2 Life Storage Facebook Giveaways garnered over 700+ entries and 26K impressions each.


Interested in becoming a sponsor? Learn more about our sponsorship opportunities here or email us at info@magicalwinterlights.com.