2016 Title Sponsor Summary: City of La Marque

2016 Title Sponsor Summary: City of La MarqueOn behalf of People Generation and Magical Winter Lights, we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to our sponsors that contributed to MWL 2016’s success. Without their generous support, MWL 2016 would not have been possible – we thank you!


As the official Title Sponsor of the 2016 Magical Winter Lights, the City of La Marque awarded MWL a grant to provide more flexibility to MWL’s overall marketing efforts. In return, People Generation, the producing company of MWL, executed a series of branding campaigns to create name recognition for the City of La Marque. Details of the partnership are below- PDF version here.


MWL 2016 Reach

Partnership Overview

  • The City of La Marque granted MWL a general grant that would be used toward PG and MWL’s marketing efforts
  • MWL created an official City of La Marque logo lantern that was placed at the entrance of the festival

  • The City of La Marque was included in MWL’s radio and newspaper ads

  • The City of La Marque was featured on MWL’s online platforms – website, blog, social media, and press releases

  • The City of La Marque was mentioned in the festival announcements made through the park (over 1,040 mentions)
  • MWL and the City of La Marque received media coverage from major Houston outlets including but not limited, Houston Chronicle, ABC13, and KHOU

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