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3 Reasons to Sponsor Magical Winter Lights’ Phone Charging Station

Magical Winter Lights consistently attracts 150,000+ guests from all over the Houston area to come out and enjoy the holiday season in a fresh, multicultural way. Our larger-than-life lantern sets are awe-inspiring, many of them renditions of world landmarks from places like France, Italy, and Egypt. Our six lantern exhibits present incredible photo opportunities for friends and families to enjoy.

Based off of our customer feedback from the 2016/17 festival, Magical Winter Lights can enhance the customer experience by designating a cell phone charging station at Holiday Market Square – to ensure our attendants are always ready for their next photo opportunity at one of our hundreds of lanterns!

Sponsoring the official Magical Winter Lights phone charge station is a great way for your company to stay plugged-in with festival goers. Below are 3 reasons why sponsoring a cell phone charging station can fuel interest in your brand.

  • Brand Exposure

The phone charging station at Magical Winter Lights can be customizable to your needs and expectations. This means your company’s logo will be noticed by all MWL attendees in a way that is unique and easy for them to remember. The MWL phone charging station would be placed at the epicenter of the festival, Holiday Market Square.  Holiday Market Square is heavily-trafficked as visitors make their way towards the souvenir shop, food court, and the entertainment stage. Festival attendants will want to ensure they are charged up and ready for any photo opportunity that may come during the  one of two nightly acrobatic performances occurring at Holiday Market Square, and what better way than to have your brand associated with the one thing they want the most? 100% battery charge.

  • Interactive Marketing

The phone charging stations also have the capability to provide additional engaging platforms to allow your company to advertise its latest product or commercial. Whether through one of the high-definition kiosk displays or setting up an on-site table to discuss your product(s), you can promote your brand multiple ways at the charging stations.

  • Convenient

The charging stations are lightweight, safe and quick to charge phones. This gives us the freedom to arrange the space in a way that will maximize your brand’s exposure in the tent. The charging station also serves as a last minute lifeline for those who need to charge their phone to take photos at Magical Winter Lights, therefore, it provides a positive experience for the visitor at the charging station.


Are you interested in becoming a festival or event sponsor in the Houston area?

Magical Winter Lights is 52-day festival that features larger-than-life lantern sets featuring a full-set carnival, delicious cuisine, daily acrobatic performances and more. The 2017 Magical Winter Lights is currently looking for companies to team up with. The family-friendly event is perfect for businesses that are trying to tap into a family-oriented demographic & to the holiday shopping crowd. Our team works closely with its partners to customize sponsorship packages that better suit the needs of our sponsors. Learn more about the 2017 Magical Winter Lights sponsorship here.

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