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Your Brand In Lights at Magical Winter Lights!

The official blueprints for what’s to come to the 2017 Magical Winter Lights are here! We are thrilled for this festival season coming up, and we can’t wait for you to see it! Magical Winter Lights provides numerous opportunities to showcase products and brands in front of families from all over Houston. The festival consistently attracts 150,000 visitors, allowing interested companies/businesses the opportunity to be a part of their holidays.

Today on the blog we will be discussing how your brand/company can be incorporated into our event through 3 great  ‘A la carte’ sponsorship opportunities: ATMs, Festival Tents, and Dino Fun Zone Tent

For starters, we should probably define what exactly “A la carte” sponsorship means. The People Generation team (the folks that produce Magical Winter Lights) have come up with flexible & customizable sponsorships that allowed companies to select one or more ways to get involved in the event.. Whether they wanted a single brand placement opportunity or multiple ways to get involved at MWL, there needed to be a system in place that allowed them to meet their budget restraints, and at the same time, maximise every dollar spent into the sponsorship.

The “A la carte” system was created and divided into three tiers with the intention of offering more economical opportunities within the Local Level and then increasing in value for those looking to maximize their exposure through the National Level and the Global Level (with Global Level offering opportunities with the most added value).


ATMs at Magical Winter Lights (Local Level)

Sponsoring the official MWL ATMs is an ‘a la carte’ option at the Local Level. It gives your brand great exposure by having your company name and logo placed on all ATMs located inside the festival. Below is the official mockup of how your brand placement can look on the ATMs.

Magical Winter Lights Event Sponsorships - ATMs


On-site Activation: Christmas Tents (National Level)

Shown below is the official design on how the on-site activation tents will look at our festival. They will be integrated within our popular exhibit, Holiday Market Square so your brand can get into the holiday spirit!

Magical Winter Lights Event Sponsorships - Christmas Market

Magical Winter Lights Event Sponsorships - Christmas Tents

Why tent activation at Magical WInter Lights?

  • Significant exposure. Based on 2016 attendance, your activation would receive a minimum of 150,000 impressions through foot traffic alone.
  • Allows your brand to generate a physical presence in one of Houston’s most popular holiday attractions
  • Assists in strengthening consumer ties
  • Provides a liaison for brands to communicate with their target demographic
  • Offers and opportunity for consumers to try products first hand


Din Fun Zone Sponsor (Global Level)

The Dino Fun Zone is one of the most popular exhibits at Magical Winter Lights. Located in MWL’s Dinosaur Land exhibit, the interactive play area is a favorite amongst festival goers as it includes dinosaur rides, 3-D art, and a sand box where children can dig for fossils.

Sponsoring the Dino Fun Zone offers you official naming rights to the section, space inside the tent to do product showcase(s) and branding opportunities at the fan favorite Jurassic Jeep. Below are some pictures on where logo placement can be displayed.

Magical Winter Lights Event Sponsorships - Dino Fun Zone

Magical Winter Lights Event Sponsorships - Dino Fun Zone



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