Sponsorship Opportunity: Event Staff Golf Carts


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Our sponsorship opportunities for the 2017 Magical Winter Lights range from 3 exclusive sponsorship packages to a la carte opportunities. The 3 exclusive sponsorship packages are Magical Winter Lights’ top-tiered opportunities and they are:

  • Title Sponsorship
  • Entertainment Sponsorship
  • Event Golf-Cart Sponsorship

Today on the blog, we will discuss one of the three exclusive sponsorships, and how it can be showcased at the 2017 Magical Winter Lights: the golf cart sponsorship.

By sponsoring the event golf carts, companies can position their brand through various marketing opportunities – such as strategically placing their logo on all official event golf carts to create brand awareness and name recognition. The golf cart sponsor package includes loco placement on all event golf carts, featured content on MWL website & social media, and more. Each golf cart has 3 areas for logo placement: front side, left side, and right side.

The golf carts are utilized within the festival grounds at Gulf Greyhound park in order to efficiently maneuver and tend to customers, event staff, vendors, and emergency personnel.

Click here to view the 2016 Golf Cart Sponsor Summary Report.

Magical Winter Lights is Houston’s largest holiday festival and the largest lantern festival in the United States. The 52-day festival brings a fresh, multicultural take on holiday light shows with larger-than-life Chinese lantern sets, many of them renditions of world landmarks and imaginative designs. The light exhibits are accompanied by a full-size carnival, a food court, nightly performances, and many other forms of entertainment.

Why sponsor Magical Winter Lights?

  • Maximize your brand outreach for 52 days compared to a 1-2 day event with the same investment
  • Significant Exposure – ex. Based on 2016 attendance, a front gate sponsor could expect 300K impressions
  • Exceed your sales quota by presenting your business to the holiday shopping crowd

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