Magical Winter Lights Team Attends the 2018 Houston Tourism Summit & GHCVB Annual Meeting

The Magical Winter Lights team, People Generation, recently became a member of the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau (GHCVB) to promote MWL and the great city of Houston. Through our membership with GHCVB, we were honored to attend as an exhibitor at the 2018 Houston Tourism Summit & GHCVB Annual Meeting on Tuesday, March 27th, 2018, showcasing what Magical Winter Lights has to offer to Houstonians. We also had the opportunity to meet  many like-minded professionals from businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry. From five buffets to multiple seminars, the endless networking opportunities to guest speaker Reid Ryan, son of Nolan Ryan, the 2018 Houston Tourism Summit & GHCVB Annual Meeting was truly a unique learning experience.

Jorge Franz at GHCVB

Pictured above, Jorge Franz is Senior Vice President of Tourism for Visit Houston. As one of the main speakers throughout the day, this man’s dedication is his city is truly inspiring.

Attendees at GHCVB

The 2018 Houston Tourism Summit & GHCVB Annual Meeting had over 800+ attendees! Here are a few organizations and businesses that were lucky enough to attend. Note the logo in the top left hand corner!

Reid Ryan at GHCVB

The Morning Keynote Speaker is Reid Ryan, President of Business Operations for the Houston Astros. We were honored to have such an amazing guest speaker; without the Tourism Summit, we may never have been able to meet such an incredible man. While he is the son of Nolan Ryan, he has accomplished his goal of setting himself apart from his father and making a name for himself. Go ‘stros!

Reid Ryan, David Mincberg, Jorge Franz at GHCVB

Speakers Reid Ryan, left, David Mincberg, chairman of Houston First, center, and Jorge Franz, right. These men are exceptionally dedicated to their city. Whether born here or here by choice, these men will make you unbelievably proud to be a Houstonian.

MWL at GHCVBMWL table display at GHCVB

Pictured above, various members and other exhibitors visiting the Magical Winter Lights table display to learn more about our amazing festival!

Art at GHCVB