A Sneak Peek: MWL2015 Construction Begins!

Although November may seem far away, when you’re behind-the-scenes and planning for 2015 Magical Winter Lights, November is just around the corner. Excitingly, we have kicked off the first week of construction on the 2015 Magical Winter Lights lantern sets! The construction began at Zigong Lantern Festival and Trade Company based in Zigong, China. It has the largest lantern manufacturing facility in the city.


2015 magical winter lights houston_lantern festival construction begins


The construction is the first of many steps taken to create our larger-than-life lantern sets at the 2015 Magical Winter Lights. With more than 100 artisan and technical workers assembling lantern pieces, it will take them about two months to create over 100 lantern sets. When finished, the materials will be shipped to Houston where construction will start at our event venue, Sam Houston Race Park.
Once completed, Magical Winter Lights will be the first lantern festival to come to Houston and the largest in the U.S., and we hope to top all the holiday “Things to do in Houston” lists!


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