The Sichuan Opera at 2015 Magical Winter Lights

Sichuan food may be known for its heat, but that’s not the only thing the province is known for. Chengdu, the capital of China’s Sichuan province and home to the Sichuan Opera, distinguishes itself as one of China’s oldest traditional operas of the region. With its earsplitting falsettos and crashing percussion instruments, festivalgoers at the 2015 Magical Winter Lights are in for a cultural treat this holiday season!

What’s Unique About the Sichuan Opera

Unlike Western operas, the Sichuan Opera does not include a start-to-finish, plotline dialogue, but rather consist of many individual components, such as acrobatics, face-changing magicians, story-telling through song, and much more! With elaborate costumes and acrobatic dancing, Sichuan’s most famous and enduring art forms will dazzle festivalgoers.

2015 magical winter lights sichuan opera2015 magical winter lights sichuan opera

Magical Face-Changing Show

Though the Sichuan Opera has many fascinating attractions, the act of face changing is the highlight. It is said that ancient people painted their faces to drive away wild animals. The Sichuan Opera takes this ancient skill and perfects it into an incredible art with the face changing performer changing his mask more than 10 times in less than half a minute!

Watch This Clip: Sichuan Opera Face Changing Show by Travel China Guide

How does he do it? Well, that’s a magician’s secret! From green to blue, red, yellow, brown, black and gold, festivalgoers will see expressions ranging from fear, tension, relaxation, happiness, desperation, anger, and many more emotions.


See the Sichuan Opera at 2015 Magical Winter Lights

If you’re looking for things to do in Houston, try something new this holiday season and visit the 2015 Magical Winter Lights. In addition to the Sichuan Opera, you’ll experience a dynamic array of traditions, cultures and artistry of international performers from all around the world. With acrobatic and other international performances, you’ll be in awe at the wide range of cultural talents by our performers.

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