How to Maximize Your Investment through Event Sponsorship

If you read last week’s post about 4 Reasons Why Event Sponsorship Is A Brilliant Marketing Strategy, you already know that event sponsorship will give you the most “bang for your (marketing) buck”. Now that we have shared the reason why event sponsorship should be a part of your marketing mix, don’t throw your brand (and money) at an event and hope for the best. Here are 3 ways to maximize your investment when sponsoring an event:


#1: Know what you are receiving with your sponsorship

Event sponsorship is an investment. The best way to make sure you get your money’s worth is to know exactly what you are being promised for your investment. Events have different levels of sponsorship which is why it is a marketer’s task to select a package that helps achieve their goal and fit the budget. In some cases, sponsorship packages can include opportunities for your company to have tickets or even a private area at the event that can be used as hospitality packages or rewards for your employees or clients! If the sponsorship packages do not offer what you are looking for, reach out to the sponsorship coordinator. They will be happy to build a package tailored to our needs. Find out what opportunities are available at Magical Winter Lights here.

Corporate Opportunities at Magical Winter Lights

#2: Sponsor an event whose culture represents your brand

The importance of knowing your audience and their opinions, interests, and what they care about is key to having a successful marketing strategy. Events will draw a specific type of audience making it easier than ever to target masses easily and effectively. Find an event that will position your brand in front of an audience that would be interested in your brand.  Another important factor is to sponsor an event that is produced in a way that guarantees attendees will have a good time. Through event sponsorship your brand becomes associated with the event which makes customer satisfaction important to a company as a sponsor. Find out more about the success of Magical Winter Lights 2015 here.

Magical Winter Lights "Culture"


#3: Use your sponsorship to engage with the event attendees

The best way to stretch your sponsorship dollars is to use an event as a means to engage with the audience. Most events will offer on-site opportunities for you to push your brand into the spotlight. These opportunities can be used to participate in on-site promotions, create an unique experience, collect essential customer information, and push products directly in front of potential customers.

Engage With Customers


Already have something in mind to sponsor at Magical Winter Lights? Talk to our sponsorship specialist, Chelsea, today. Send an email here.

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