Sponsorship Opportunity: Dino Fun Zone

People Generation, producing company of Magical Winter Lights, implemented a new addition into its Dinosaur Land exhibit during the 2016 Magical Winter Lights: the Dino Fun Zone. The interactive play area was catered to children where they could dig for fossils, ride dinosaurs, and take pictures with dinosaur-themed 3D art. As you may or may not know, Magical Winter Lights is largely influenced by the lantern festivals Yusi An, founder of MWL, attended as a child in Zigong, China. Referred to as the “Lantern Town of the South Kingdom”, Zigong is also famous for the large amounts of dinosaur fossils that have been excavated throughout the years. For this reason, Magical Winter Lights dedicates a section of the festival to dinosaurs.

The Dino Fun Zone became a hit amongst families, and quickly became one of the most popular attractions at 2016 Magical Winter Lights. Situated in the heart of Dinosaur Land, the Dino Fun Zone is both indoor and outdoor, offering dinosaur rides outside of the tent and hosting the majority of its activities indoors. Once inside, visitors are greeted by a life-size t-rex. There is plenty of room to roam around the DIno Fun Zone without feeling crowded on busy weeks.

Due to its success, Magical Winter Lights is now incorporating the Dino Fun Zone into its sponsorship program. We believe the area is a great opportunity of a potential company/business that is looking for sponsorship placements within an event. The Dino Fun Zone is perfect for a company that identifies their target demographic as family-oriented individuals and/or children.

Today on the blog, we are listing 5 reasons we believe your company/business would benefit greatly from MWL’s Dino Fun Zone sponsorship:

  • Dino Fun Zone is one of the most popular exhibits at MWL

picture of visitor at the dino fun zone at magical winter lights

As mentioned previously, Dino Fun Zone was added on during the 2016 festival, however, quickly became one of the most popular sections at MWL. Sponsoring the Dino Fun Zone would associate your business with one of the most popular exhibits at the festival.

  • Dino Fun Zone has great branding opportunities

picture of visitor at the dino fun zone at magical winter lights

Due to the large area dedicated to the Dino Fun Zone, your business would have the opportunity to implement brand awareness through placement of your logo throughout several sections within the area, including but not limited to, the main entrance, the Jurassic Park Jeep, and the 3D wall art.

  • Dino Fun Zone is great for on-site activation

The large area also gives room for on-site activation. This can be beneficial if you are a company that wants to have products on-site (like toys or gaming consoles) for potential customers to test.

  • Families spend longer periods of time at Dino Fun Zone

In the more traditional lantern exhibits, families usually stop to take pictures and then move along to the next lantern. However, because the Dino Fun Zone is interactive and has more to offer than just lanterns, families on average spend more than 10 minutes within the area. Meaning, the conversion rate you would get from potential customers is higher.

  • Exclusivity

The Dino Tent sponsorship can be exclusive to a single sponsor. As a potential sponsor, you would become the first ever business to sponsor the popular dino tent area! We are hoping to look for a sponsor that is seeking out a long-lasting partnership with an event like Magical Winter Lights, as we celebrate the holidays with the great people of Houston!

Our coordinating team is looking for great vendors to partner up with for the 2017 Magical Winter Lights.