Magical Winter Lights: A New Tradition for Houston

During the holiday season, there are hundreds of holiday events in Houston for friends and families to attend. Events range from holiday light festivals to photos with Santa to seasonal fine arts performances. With so many traditions to start and continue, why should Magical Winter Lights be on your list of new holiday traditions to try? Here are a few reasons why:


Never Seen Before in Houston


Magical Winter Lights Houston Holiday Event

A typical holiday light festival usually consists of large, pre-built structures that are wrapped with millions of small light bulbs, and may even be animated. Though these types of holiday festivals are nice, Houston isn’t looking for another animated attraction, but rather an interactive experience.

Magical Winter Lights Houston Holiday Event

Magical Winter Lights will include illuminating, larger-than-life structures that are not only animated, but also interactive. Accompanying each interactive set will be an engaging cultural performances and many creative photo props, which is the first of its kind worldwide. So instead of walking through a holiday light festival and simply looking at a lit structure that’s animated with prerecorded music, why not stop and enjoy a live performance?


A Holiday Experience for a Culturally Diverse City

Magical Winter Lights Houston Holiday Event

When most people think of Chinese lanterns, they typically think of the circular lanterns that hang outside Chinese restaurants; however, the lanterns that are displayed at Magical Winter Lights are completely different. Our lanterns will change this common misconception with larger-than-life structures that replicate well known landmarks around the world, and can reach up to 150-feet high (that’s larger than the Christmas tree at the Houston Galleria!).

Magical Winter Lights Houston Holiday Event

Since Houston is such a culturally diverse city, not all Houstonians think of the holidays in the same way, which is why Magical Winter Lights aims to connect all cultures by creating a little piece of home for each and every visitor. From Africa to Asia, Houstonians will be able to experience the holidays around the world  as they stroll the illuminating pathways of Magical Winter Lights.

Magical Winter Lights Houston Holiday Event

As with all traditions, there must be a beginning. Magical Winter Lights aims to become a household name and a tradition that simply cannot be missed. Start something new this year and experience the holidays in a new light.


Want to get involved?

Magical Winter Lights will begin November 2015. We’re currently looking for vendors and sponsors. Or if you simply want to know a little more about this new holiday event in Houston, feel free to contact us with any of your questions!

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